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Our 12 days of Christmas energy saving tips

23 December, 2022

Christmas can be an expensive season. As you get ready for the big day, your electricity bill might quickly skyrocket. Here are 12 energy-saving measures to help you reduce your consumption – and thus your expenses – in winter.

1. Purchase a real Christmas Tree

Purchasing and decorating a live tree with baubles and tinsel rather than a fake tree with electric lights would significantly cut your electricity consumption. Plant it outside in the new year, and you’ll be able to utilise it again the following year.

2. Placement is Everything

Keep your decorations away from your radiator for optimal heat output. Your room will heat up faster, allowing you to avoid turning up the thermostat unnecessarily.

3. Switch to LED Fairy Lights

Use LED lights instead of standard incandescent lights to decorate your tree or the outside of your home. LED lights save approximately 80% of electrical power and last far longer.

4. Before going to bed, turn off the lights

While your Christmas lights brighten up the street, no one will notice them once you’re all in bed. Leaving them on overnight might cost you at least £20 more.

5. Throw on your Christmas jumper

Even if you don’t like Grandma’s handcrafted woollies, bundling yourself warm means you’re less likely to crank up the heat.

6. Turn down the central heating when cooking

Turn down the thermostat in the kitchen to cool things down; enough heat will be given out by your oven and all those sprouts you’re boiling.

7. Stuff the oven with more than just a turkey

To get the most of your oven, plan ahead of time and cook many dishes at once. Cooking numerous dishes in an Energy Saving Trust-recommended oven will further cut your use.

8. Don’t overload the dishwasher

The holiday season may make you want to mistreat your dishwasher. Before you put it on, make sure it’s entirely loaded. Take it a step further by utilising its economic program.

9. Go traditional with your entertainment

Spend some quality time with your family after dinner by playing traditional board games. You can reduce consumption by storing new gadgets and devices and turning off the TV.

10. Don’t charge electronics overnight

When you’re racing around with plates of appetisers and topping up beverages, it’s easy to lose track of time. Charging things that are already at 100% consumes, while leaving chargers plugged in but not connected to their device uses. 26 watts of power

11. Don’t leave electronics on standby

As the night winds down, you’ll want to fall asleep in a food-induced daze. But, before you unwind, make a concerted effort to turn off everything rather than leaving it on standby. Electronics left on standby account for 10% to 15% of a household’s annual energy bill.

12. Obstruct your unused chimney

Your chimney not only permits draughts to enter your home, but it also allows a lot of heat to depart. You might save hundreds of pounds on heating bills by sealing up any chimneys that aren’t being used with a chimney balloon or a fireplace shield. Remember to leave a message for Santa requesting that he use the front door!

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